Furnace Blower Not Working – a Quick Overview

Furnace Blower Not Working

If you become aware of your furnace has started to vibrate, then it could be because there’s something unbalanced in the blower that has caused the vibration once the fan is spinning. There are various sorts of furnaces having the most common using gas combustion or electric resistance heat strips to create the essential heat. Your furnace is just one of the most valuable items in your home. In case the furnace doesn’t emit light. It heats the air that has been previously humidified by the whole house device. A high-efficiency furnace generally wears a greater price tag, but nevertheless, it can constitute the difference by decreasing operating costs over the very long run.

Since a furnace is just capable of producing heat it can be retrofitted with a central air conditioner to supply cool air during the summertime. If your furnace is older and you’re not replacing your filter, there’s possibility you have to get a new furnace. A furnace a part of the forced air family too. If it makes a very large noise. Considering all the challenging work your furnace does for you, it is critical to keep it working in good health for a long length of time. Even though you can service your furnace yourself, it isn’t typically recommended, particularly if you have an older furnace. Replacing an older furnace can spare you on costly repairs as well as the upcoming money spent to obtain a new one.

The Downside Risk of Furnace Blower Not Working

You may only need a very simple HVAC repair or thorough cleaning of the unit, but it’s always wisest to have professionals deal with the issue for you. Furnace Maintenance also carries a number of other benefits. Standard furnace maintenance pays off in a huge way and it needs to be a significant part your yearly maintenance items.

Furnace Blower Not Working – the Story

When you have changed your filter, check that all of the supply and return grilles aren’t blocked and totally open. A lot depends upon the form of air filter which you have fitted in the air conditioner but eventually you must replace the air filter based on the quality together with the durability. After you have removed the air filter from the situation, be sure you clean it correctly. So as to replace the filter, to start with you might have to to locate the air filter that you can find in the furnace unit or on the metallic cover strip. Although it is rather simple to replace the filter of the air conditioner but still if you’re doing it for the very first time then you ought to follow step by step process of the way to change the AC air filter.

How frequently you should change your filter is dependent on your house, your pets, and where you are. The blower filter has to be changed at least twice per year. You need to make sure the filters do not seem to be clogged with dust. A furnace filter won’t cure all indoor air quality problems, but it is a rather simple place to get started. So, it’s very important to modify your furnace filter on a standard basis.

The Ultimate Solution for Evaporator Coils Iced over That You Can Find Out About Today

You’re going to want to organize the freezer’s contents so that you know where everything is located to cut back the frequency and amount of time the freezer door is open. Before you are able to fix the fridge, you first must understand the way the evaporator coils get the job done. At this time, the refrigerator will quit working. In the majority of cases, side-by-side refrigerators that have temperature control knobs at the peak of the fridge compartment frequently have the defrost timer located close to the thermostat supporting the control knobs. The majority of the moment, the defrost heater appears to work fine. Find the thermostat clipped on a freezer coil on the surface of the evaporator. An immediate drive motor that’s grinding or squealing must be turned off until a service professional can diagnose the issue, which is frequently a motor that’s about to fail.

evaporator coils iced over

If there is absolutely no ice over the drain then it’s possible to assume there’s a part of food or a different bit of debris blocking the line. In the example of ice buildup, simply letting the ice to melt away will cure the issue so long as the motor windings have yet to be damaged. Sometimes it is only built on the coil itself and may be difficult to see without removing the evaporator cover. Frost on the surfaces within your freezer lowers the appliance’s efficiency, increases your electricity bills and puts you in danger of skinned knuckles each time you reach in.

Choosing Evaporator Coils Iced over Is Simple

In the event the readout doesn’t change significantly, the thermostat is bad and has to be replaced. As temperatures change, it’s quite common that people come upon the issue of freezing of ac pipes at home. The air is cooled with a refrigerant agent called coolant, which is pumped via the unit by means of a system of tubes and pipes.

Filters are at the warm air return for the home, or in the plenum over the furnace. Filters and indoor coils should be changed regularly to make sure appropriate cooling. It’s possible you can change a filter or make a little tune-up that will fix the problem. In both instances, the filters on the outside the unit are there to guarantee appropriate airflow and restrict debris from getting into the unit.

Examine the drip pan to ensure it doesn’t overflow. Coolant leaks are easily repaired by ac specialists who will have the essential equipments to reestablish the ac unit to its usual operation. Additionally, inspect the door seal to make sure that it’s not gummy or dirty, which would keep it from closing.

Repeated and protracted door openings reduce the cooling operation. Close the door with the amount of force that you would ordinarily use, while observing it to see whether the door closes completely. The door latch won’t open. It appears to be locked. If it doesn’t close properly, the freezer will not maintain the correct temperature. The refrigerator side appears to have an issue staying cold when it has more than the typical quantity of food, like around a holiday.

The Tried and True Method for Evaporator Coil Design in Step by Step Detail

evaporator coil design

Find the thermostat clipped on a freezer coil on the surface of the evaporator. The coils play a crucial part in the performance of an Air Conditioner. The condenser coils exit to the outside the unit, but it’s the interior of the coils that collect dirt and dust. It is tough to maintain aluminum coils in comparison.

The Tried and True Method for Evaporator Coil Design in Step by Step Detail

Wall-mounted indoor units are the most frequently utilized. Well, as a cooling system looks necessary to be in your living place, it’s important to take decent care of air-conditioning unit to make sure its long life. Maintaining your new HVAC system ought to be calculated in your financial plan. If you would like to upgrade a current system or construct a new one, an earlier understanding of HVAC principles and typical designs can help you to make wise decisions. Heat pump systems are among the absolute most energy-efficient systems readily available today. Central air conditioning techniques distribute cool air throughout your home utilizing a circuit or set of connected ducts. If you aren’t sure about split type air conditioning systems, check online because there are many manufacturers and companies offering ac installation services.

What You Need to Do About Evaporator Coil Design Before You Miss Your Chance

Using aluminum has brought a feeling of sanity together with parity to the matter. You may also use micro channel condenser coils to negate the results of corrosion. What’s more, you always have option to switch off your larger unit to lower power consumption and help save money. No issue, there’s a fantastic option in the shape of a split air conditioner.

The compressor isn’t made to compress liquids, only gas and if it’s made to try and compress the liquid, it can lead to severe damage. In heat pumps the evaporator is situated away from the room that is to be heated. Just like condenser it is also made up of copper coil. Whilst in the air conditioners it is located inside the room, in heat pumps the evaporator is located outside the room and exposed to the atmosphere which is at very low temperature. A furnace a part of the forced air family also. Since it is only capable of producing heat it is sometimes retrofitted with a central air conditioner to provide cool air during the summer months. There are various kinds of furnaces having the most common using gas combustion or electric resistance heat strips to create the essential heat.

Ok, I Think I Understand Evaporator Coil Design, Now Tell Me About Evaporator Coil Design!

There are two major sections of the split air conditioner. In effect, your air conditioner also functions as a dehumidifier. In most instances, a room air conditioner must have its very own dedicated wall outlet to work properly, since it employs a high amperage rate. Split system air conditioning is very good for residential places or houses since they are in a position to provide them with the option when it comes to efficiency as compared to other central ac units. Window air conditioners are an inexpensive approach to cool your house and are perfect for smaller spaces, including apartments.

Lies You’ve Been Told About Condenser Water Temperature

Ahead of beginning your install, ensure you decide on a condenser that will supply you with the most effective use. These condensers have turned into a favorite choice on account of their simplicity of use, amazing utility and portability. Such condensers might be conveniently set up on the ridge roofs of low buildings or supported by an easy frame. The tiny vented or condenser tumble dryer is the best selection for a single individual.

Good freeze protection ought to be used on all water chillers. Also, there’s only a limit on the quantity of heat transfer that can happen in any heat exchanger. Evaporator approach may be used to rate the refrigerant charge.

The Dirty Truth About Condenser Water Temperature

You should understand what you are selling to your customer! The last product made by the Air-O-Water systems has a freshness which you would only expect from such an organic course of action. If chiller barrel price isn’t the only consideration, think about buying a cleanable barrel with removable heads. There’s a perfect rate of flow by means of a heat exchanger for virtually any fluid.

Due to the multiple advantages it offers, a growing number of people prefer to obtain a compact condenser tumble dryer. This little tumble dryer is a perfect option for smaller households comprising maybe a couple of people. Additionally, but the dryer does not need any accessibility to waste pipes if it’s a condenser type. This dryer has a weight of simply 24 kg’s and is very simple to be moved from 1 place to another. These dryers aren’t big in proportion and you may take them on camping. If you want to purchase a mini condenser tumble dryer then you ought to make it a point to wash its lint regularly.

Selecting a pump based on the system’s flow rate is quite important. It’s also quite important to think about the fluids the condenser will take care of. A standard fluid is a mixture of glycol and water. In case the liquid that comes from the condenser isn’t COMPLETELY clear, you will want to do this step again.

How to Get Started with Condenser Water Temperature?

The Leak Controller is a huge method to control costly leaks. If a system needs increased receiver capacity than a specific condenser selected can supply, receivers can be placed in series supporting the condenser. These systems are made to lessen the release below acceptable levels. Part of the procedure is that it’s stored within a charred-oak barrel for a predetermined period of time. This course of action is called Atmospheric Condensation. Eliminating these chemicals is a complicated procedure and is impossible with the majority of the prior water-filters out there in the industry. Employing this procedure, even volatile organic chemicals like Ether are eliminated.

In a three pass evaporator, approach ought to be 3A to 6A. The substrate has a very low mass so it cannot hold onto heat, and it’s thermally isolated from any mass, for example, ground. Lousy fan bearings may also cause a noisy fan, since the shaft and blades wobble.

Chiller barrels need to be cleaned periodically for good operation. A chiller barrel is really a direct expansion evaporator. It is an important component on the low side of a system. Two 5 gallon buckets are a lot simpler to move alone, but a bit more difficult to mix. If an excessive amount of dust or fluff becomes built up, they can end up being a fire hazard.

Couples over 40 failing to make financial plans for retirement

Conversations about money aren’t being turned into plans for the future.

Couples in the UK are happy to talk about money, but are struggling to make financial plans for the future.

That’s according to a new survey from Prudential, which looked at attitudes towards money and retirement planning among co-habiting couples aged 40 and over.

It found while four in five (79%) couples aged 40 or over had discussed their finances in the last year, over half (52%) admitted these talks hadn’t led to setting a target for their joint retirement incomes.

The lack of financial planning was found to be worse among couples at a crucial age leading up to retirement (45-54), where more than two thirds (67%) failed to make a plan.

And while well over half (61%) of couples aged 40 or over had discussed retirement planning in the last year, 18% admitted they still didn’t know where their main source of retirement income will come from.

Worryingly, Prudential found a quarter of couples have retirement funds that will only provide enough money for one person.

See your wealth at the touch of a button and make sure you’re on track to hit your financial goals with Plans


The survey was conducted in June, six months after sweeping reforms on pensions, savings and retirement income choices were announced in the2014 Budget.

The centrepiece was simplifying ISAs by merging Cash and Stocks & Shares ISAs into a single New ISA, or NISA, and raising the savings limit to £15,000.

Pensions were also overhauled with the requirement to purchase an annuity with pension savings scrapped.

Prudential’s survey found that nearly three-quarters (74%) of couples aged 40 or over were aware of the reforms but only 29% had discussed the implications with their partners.

Vince Smith-Hughes, retirement expert at Prudential, said: “The gulf between those who are aware of retirement issues and recently announced Budget changes, and those who discuss the implications openly with their other halves is alarming. However, simply having conversations about money is not enough. Taking action always needs to be the next step.”

See your wealth at the touch of a button and make sure you’re on track to hit your financial goals with Plans

How to make plans for the future

In order to plan for the future and achieve a comfortable retirement it’s important to take stock of you and your partner’s current situation. This means taking a comprehensive look at savings, investments, pensions, assets and debts.

Once you’ve figured out where you both stand you can take a look at how much you think you’ll need and how you might get there. For tips on how to do this, have a read of our guide How to work out how much you need to save for retirement.

We can also help with our new Plans app. It gathers and stores all your financial information in one place allowing you to get an instant picture of your current wealth and help you make sure you’re on track to achieve the full future you want.

See your wealth at the touch of a button and make sure you’re on track to hit your financial goals with Plans

Source: https://www.lovemoney.com/news/39025/couples-over-40-failing-to-make-joint-financial-plans-for-retirement

Age Is Just a Number: Romance Novels with Mature Couples

New-adult romances have been all the rage for the last few years, but what about more mature romance fans? Are the heroes and the heroines aging with us? We are seeing older heroines in general fiction and they are also well represented in the mystery genre. But while attending Romance Writers of America’s Librarian’s Day this past July, we heard several people bemoan the lack of older couples in romance novels and, during a discussion with publishers about trends, this was brought up as something that readers and industry leaders would like to see more of in the future.

Romance is evolving and we’re moving away from perfect couples with perfect jobs and perfect lives who just need to meet cute to have their perfect happily ever after. Characters have become more like readers over the years—they have child-care problems, elderly parents, and/or have to figure out how to manage a bad boss—and readers still love them. In some cases, they love them more because they can relate to them in a way that they can’t relate to glamorous people who have very little conflict in their lives.

These books prove that age is not a factor
in finding a Happily Ever After.

Here’s a list of romances where the heroes and heroines are more mature. They’re all over 30 and, in some cases, they are 40-plus. Everyone deserves to find the right person, and these books prove that age is not a factor in finding a Happily Ever After.

Black Rose, by Nora Roberts

Forty-seven-year-old Rosalind Harper has more life experience than a lot of romance-novel heroines. After two marriages (one happy, one not), Roz has given up on love. While researching her roots to find out more about the ghost who haunts her family’s historic Tennessee home, she meets genealogist Dr. Mitchell Carnegie and together they discover more than just the identity of the Harper Bride. Black Rose is the second book in Roberts’ In the Garden trilogy.

Forever a Lady, by Delilah Marvelle

According to society, a widow’s place is in the home, not in the streets of New York or London. But Lady Bernadette Burton hasn’t paid attention to what society says, ever since society turned its back on her after the death of her husband. Now a wealthy widow, she enjoys the freedom widowhood has afforded her. Her latest scandal is running off to America, where she begins an affair with down-on-his-luck Matthew Milton. In addition to featuring an older heroine, this romance explores a variety of social issues including poverty and access to education for all.

Hannah’s Courtship, by Emma Miller

Hannah Yoder was happily married for many years until her husband died of a heart attack. After that, she thought she’d never find love again. With her daughter Rebecca’s wedding fast approaching, it will soon be just Hannah, her daughter Susannah, who has Down’s Syndrome, and her foster son, Irwin, left in the big, old farmhouse. As her friendship with veterinarian Albert Hartman grows into something more, Hannah and Albert have big decisions to make—Hannah is Amish, Albert is Mennonite, and a relationship between the two is forbidden. The final book in Miller’s Hannah’s Daughters series can be read as a stand-alone.

by L. A. Witt

Having left behind Hollywood and now in semi-retirement, Levi Pritchard is enjoying life in small-town Washington. His days are full as he throws himself into directing community theater. When opportunity comes knocking and he takes a role on TV’s hottest new show, he never expects it to come with a love interest in the form of Carter Samuels. Carter is a much younger, out-and-proud actor that Levi finds he just can’t resist. Determined to stay in the closet due to his studio contract, Levi enjoys a friendship with Carter that slowly develops into a smoldering affair. This is the first book in the Bluewater Bay series.

Taken with You, by Shannon Stacey

Librarian Hailey Genest feels like the last single woman left on the planet. A new girlfriend talks her into an outdoor adventure designed to celebrate being single, but not being outdoorsy types, Hailey and Tori soon find themselves left behind in the woods. Hailey’s not impressed when they meet Matt Barnett, who looks like a mountain man after a two-week vacation in the woods, but she’s relieved when he gets them back to civilization. When he then moves in next door, Hailey and Matt discover that they have a lot of chemistry, although neither believes that opposites attract.

Wild Man, By Kristen Ashley

Fortysomething Tess O’Hara is happy to be moving on with her life.  She is slowly forgetting about her no-good ex, and her bakery business is taking off.  She’s even dating again, after handsome, sexy Brock Lucas walked into her bakery and into her heart. Several months into their new relationship, however, she finds out he is really an undercover DEA agent who happens to be investigating that no-good ex of hers. In between navigating their new relationship and dealing with ex-spouses, Brock and Tess still manage to heat things up in this continuation of her Dream Man series.

With older couples in the spotlight and no longer relegated to secondary character status, readers of a certain age have more books that give them a reason to be optimistic and hopeful about their own lives and HEAs. For more choices, try one of these additional titles:

Admiral’s Penniless Bride, by Carla Kelly (2010)

Autumn Spring, by Shelley Thresher (2015)

The Black Hawk, by Joanna Bourne (2011)

Blue by You, by Rachel Gibson (2013)

Canary Island Song, by Robin Jones Gunn (2011)

Catch of a Lifetime, by LuAnn McLane (2012)

Goddess of Spring, by P. C. Cast (2004)

Here Comes Trouble, by Donna Kauffman (2010)

Honeysuckle Summer, by Sherryl Woods (2010)

Passion of the Purple Plumeria, by Lauren Willig (2011)

Reaper’s Stand, by Joanna Wylde (2014)

A Secret Affair, by Mary Balogh (2010)

Snowfall at Willow Lake, by Susan Wiggs (2008)

Sweetest Thing, by Jill Shalvis (2011)

Treading Water, by Marie Force (2011)

Source: http://www.booklistreader.com/2015/10/01/book-lists/age-is-just-a-number-romance-novels-with-older-couples/

7 Unusual Wedding Gifts For Couples Over 40

What do you get the couple that has two of everything? It’s a difficult situation to be in– two people have built lives apart, and now they’re starting one together. This means they’re already throwing or giving away many of the things that would have made the best wedding gifts twenty years ago; that blender you found is nice but, if both of them already have a blender, two of those three are going to end up in a thrift shop getting ogled by Macklemore fanboys. So where does that leave you? It’s an old cliche, but in this case it really is the thought that counts. Here are some out of the box, unusual wedding gifts that they’ll really enjoy… at least more than another blender.

1. Babysitting

If they waited this long to get married, chances are one or both of them already has kids. Offer to babysit. Not only is this unusual wedding gift entirely free, it’s also an opportunity for them to get out of the house and spend time together– something that’s difficult but necessary for newlyweds with young children.

2. Home Computer

Chances are that they both have their own computer, but now that they’re getting married they are going to have many more shared accounts, or at least a shared email. Go in with a friend to get them a home computer so they’ll have a place to centralize their new joint presence online.

3. Gifts to Stay Active

The two of them are old enough now to have a lot of their own interests, but that never means they’re too old to try something new. Get them matching gifts that will help them lead an active lifestyle together, like snorkel sets or pedometers. It’s a fun way for them to spend time together while staying in shape and trying new things.

4. Custom Embosser

The couple is consolidating down to one address, and is about to send out a ton of cards in the form of thank you notes. Make it easy on them with anembosser customized with their home address. It’s a bit unusual for a wedding gift, but many couples list it as the best wedding gift they received.

5. Plant a Tree

If they truly have everything, then planting a tree is the way to go. It’s classy, it’s eco friendly and, best of all, it can be done at the last minute in your pajamas. Truly the perfect wedding gift.

6. Fancy Booze Set

They may already have a kitchen so decked out that nothing you get could come close to comparing, but anyone will enjoy a nice bottle of wine or their favorite spirit. You can pick these out yourself or, if you wouldn’t know good booze from hobo juice, you can buy one of these wine or scotchboxes that come with custom glasses– perfect for the honeymoon.

7. Cooking Class

A cooking class will be a fun thing for them to do together, and even the most masterful chef can learn something from taking a class on more exotic cuisines. Try coordinating the class theme with a specialty kitchen gift, like a chinese stir fry class paired with a wok.

What would you buy for a couple over 40? We want to hear about it! Seriously; and we’re not just saying that because you’re so attractive.

Source: http://theatozbooks.com/7-unusual-wedding-gifts-for-couples-over-40/

Sex After 50: More Than Ever?

Ninety-three-year-old actress Betty White loves to talk about sex: “I may be a senior, but so what? I’m still hot.”

Most likely she’d applaud the recent research published in The Archives of Sexual Behavior that busts the stereotype of the sexless older adult.

While most of us know that the frequency of sex is greatest during those first throes of passion, and we grudgingly accept the fact that it often wanes as the years of wedded bliss march on, this study into the sexual behavior of long-married couples uncovered something quite unexpected. Couples who were married for longer than 50 years actually reported a slight uptick in their sex lives. In fact, the frequency of their sex lives continued to increase even after the 50-year mark.

Researchers noted, “An individual married for 50 years will have somewhat less sex than an individual married for 65 years.”

That’s right—they said “less.”

The study examined trends in the frequency of sex of older adults.

Researchers analyzed information about aspects of well-being from over 1,600 couples aged 57 to 85 who had been married varying amounts of time, based on data from the 2005-2006 National Social Life, Health and Aging Project.

If you’ve ever wondered (and who hasn’t?) how often other people are “doing it,” here’s how the numbers played out: The average older adult who had been married for a year had a 65 percent chance of having sex two to three times a month (or more); after 25 years of marriage, that frequency was likely to drop to 40 percent. After being married for 50 years, it dropped further to 35 percent.

But—and here’s the real surprise—when couples remained together after 65 years, the chance of having sex with that frequency actually improved, and increased to 42 percent.

Samuel Stroope, the study’s lead author and an assistant professor of sociology at Louisiana State University, said that sexual frequency doesn’t return to two to three times a month, but moves in that direction as the years march on.

The abstract from the study, available online, also said that people in first marriages had more frequent sex than those who remarried. The researchers, sociologists at Louisiana State University, Florida State University and Baylor University, speculated that the permanency of relationships were responsible for the increased sexual activity in first marriages.

While this study’s findings are contrary to popular opinion or beliefs, they should not be taken without some caveats. Information published in The New York Times revealed that the study did not include partners who lived together but were not married, nor did it include gay or lesbian couples. And, interviewers told interviewees that the “sex” or “sexual activity” did not necessarily mean intercourse or orgasm but rather “any mutually voluntary activity with another person that involves sexual contact.”

So, does being married cause you to have more sex, or does having more sex cause you to stay married longer?

No one truly knows.

Keep in mind that this study examined trends. Some couples were not having sex at all, and some were even having it daily.

But isn’t it nice to know that some older couples can still look into each other’s eyes, blind to the physical changes that occur over the years, buoyed by the closeness and years of togetherness, and still want to be sexually intimate with one another?

Source: http://www.healthywomen.org/content/article/sex-after-50-more-ever

Divorce rate at lowest level in 40 years after cohabitation revolution

Younger couples who marry now more likely to stay together past seven year itch than their parents’ generation suggesting ‘living in sin’ makes marriage stronger

Divorce rates have fallen to their lowest level for 40 years amid signs that the growing acceptance of couples living together before getting married has ultimately strengthened marriage.

The most recent figures from the Office for National Statistics show that 130,473 couples divorced across the UK in 2013 – down almost three per cent in a year.

The overall divorce rate fell to 9.8 per 1,000 married men or women, the lowest level since 1975 – the year after a major liberalisation of divorce law in the wake of the sexual revolution came into force.

That has coincided with a recent rise in the number of couples choosing to tie the knot over the last few years – partially reversing the decades long trend of declining marriage and rising divorce.

The gap between the number of people marrying than divorcing is now wider than at any time since 1992.

But it follows a much bigger shift towards couples living together unmarried as a result of a transformation of social attitudes.

Recent figures showed the number of families headed by cohabiting couples up by 30 per cent in a decade and more than doubling since the mid-1990s.

Strikingly, the latest divorce figures also offer further evidence that younger couples who do marry are now less likely to divorce than their parents’ generation

The ONS said that while an estimated 42 per cent of marriages now end in divorce, there is evidence that the proportion is decreasing “for the most recent cohorts” – meaning couples who married since 2000.

The figures show, for example, that couples are increasingly likely to survive the so-called “seven year itch”.

By 2013, 16 per cent of those who married eight years earlier in 2005 were divorced.

The previous year 17 per cent of couples who married in 2004 had got divorced.

Only eight years earlier the proportion of couples who had divorced by their eighth wedding anniversary was 20 per cent.

Harry Benson, Research Director at the Marriage Foundation, said: “Yet another fall in divorce rates is both hugely encouraging and hugely worrying.

“While it is hugely encouraging that couples who marry today can expect to enjoy the kind of stability we haven’t experienced since the early 1970s … it is hugely worrying that family breakdown continues to rise because couples who don’t marry remain so much more at risk of splitting up.

“Government has consistently failed to lead on the importance of marriage for future stability.

“Unless we wish to raise another generation of teenagers of whom half have already experienced family breakdown, the responsibility falls to us as individuals, parents and adults to encourage our young couples to marry.”

James Brown, a family lawyer at JMW Solicitors, said: “We have seen a significant portion of couples who marry doing so after a period of cohabitation.

“They opt to convert those relationships into marriages because of the greater security which it represents in the absence of rights for cohabitees.

“Since 2000, there have also been a series of judgements which have underlined the equality in divorce settlements, meaning their spouses can potentially claim a larger share of their assets.

“Given that prenuptial agreements are certainly more popular but still not regarded as the norm, many businessmen and women are simply choosing not to marry and, therefore, that is affecting the numbers of divorces too.

“If the Government was to introduce legislation providing prenups with the weight of statute as opposed to just case law, I firmly believe that more entrepreneurs would feel comfortable marrying.”

Jo Edwards, chair of the family law organisation Resolution, added: “The rise in cohabiting couples, the fastest growing type of household in Britain, may also play a role [in the changing divorce rates] – cohabitation separation is not included in these statistics.”

“Whatever the reason, there are still many thousands of British families who are experiencing family breakdown every year, whether that’s divorce or separation.”

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/12011714/Divorce-rate-at-lowest-level-in-40-years-after-cohabitation-revolution.html

Why Long-Married Couples Split

By now, it’s an old story: one-half of a high-profile and long-married couple — usually the man, truth be told — admits to having an affair. Sometimes, the couple’s marriage can withstand the infidelity; other times, the breach of trust is too deep, and a split or divorce ensues.

David and Holly Petraeus don’t fit the mold, say, of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, since Holly Petraeus has not been nearly as prominent as her military-hero-turned-CIA-chief husband of 38 years. And we don’t know, yet, whether theirmarriage will survive.

But what we do know is that while questions of infidelity grab the most headlines, having an extramarital affair is not what’s behind the breakup or divorce of most long-term relationships.

The AARP Sex, Romance and Relationships Survey on the sexuality of people 45 and older found that extramarital affairs happen for only a relatively small number of couples. So while infidelity is certainly the precipitating factor in some marriages failing, it’s not the reason in most cases.

Why do so many long-married couples decide to split? How can people be so happy for so long, only to then have the marriage turn sour in what are supposed to be their “golden years” together?

In most cases, the reasons are far less dramatic. Some relationships have been in decline for decades and finally lose all their juice. A marriage doesn’t usually just blow up. It’s more like a balloon that has been seeping air for a long time. After a while, it’s totally deflated.

Another possibility is that a couple’s issues intensify. Most problems are manageable, but then something sends them into hyperdrive. It could be a change in jobs, health, children’s lives, personal ambitions or any number of other triggers. Whatever balance had been achieved is undermined, and with it the ability to handle the issue and still have a decent marriage.

Of course, we’ve all heard the familiar phrase, “We grew apart.” But just because it’s a cliché doesn’t mean it’s not a common cause of divorce or separation among long-time married couples. A typical scenario is where a husband and wife live increasingly different lives: He gets more and more into his work, she gets more and more into her children, her adult children, her grandchildren. Or she gets ambitious and he wants to relax, cut down, travel, and play golf.

Lack of communication and loss of trust are also issues that can seriously push a marriage toward divorce. I suspect that it wasn’t so much an affair that sent Maria Shriver heading for the door, but more the fact that her husband had deceived her for so long. On top of that, she is dealing with public humiliation — as well as the destabilizing presence of a child. It is a rare relationship, of any length, that could face these factors and continue on.

Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of marriages are not presented with such mega challenges. Still, plenty of breakups occur after a relationship of many years. Although some people are able to negotiate the inevitable bumps in the road, for others those bumps turn into a sinkhole — something that they cannot seem to climb out of. Sadly, and often with great affection for each other, the couple say “enough.”

And, yes, couples are saying that more often these days. Why?

The answer is longevity. We live so much longer now. Half a century ago, an unhappy couple in their mid-60s might have stayed together because they thought it wasn’t worth divorcing if they had only a few years left to live. Now, 65-year-olds can easily envision at least 20 more active years — and they don’t want them to be loveless, or full of frustration or disappointment.

And then, of course, we’re now looking at the aging of the boomers. They’re different from the 50-year-olds who lived before them. In previous eras, couples soldiered on even if they were very unhappy. But boomers gave up on the concept of the dutiful-but-unhappy spouse a long time ago. They were the originators of a higher divorce rate, and while that divorce rate has slowed, we may be seeing a spike as people ponder whether or not they will stay with their spouses into extreme old age.

So, yes, there are plenty of reasons why a couple who have been married for 30, 40, even 50 years might break up. And although we don’t celebrate divorce in this country, we are not afraid of it, either. This now extends to our golden years, as well.

Source: http://www.aarp.org/relationships/love-sex/info-06-2010/naked-truth-long-term-marriages-end.html