About Us

Let’s start with what Couples Over 40 is not. We are not a sex, lifestyle or swinger group, there are enough of them around. I hear they can be found on the internet fairly easily.

Also we are not a bunch of coupon clipping senior citizens that go to 2:00 movies, eat at 5 and are in bed by 7, most our events start after 8 PM. Conversely we aren’t a bunch of hard body 20 year olds, those are called our children.

Starting to get an idea? We are professional Couples Over 40 years old. We are set in our businesses or careers, are reasonably financially & physically fit, and are ready to have fun again.

When we say professional couples we mean: no-drama, professional dress/look no bikerware, reasonable language and being nice to our venue hosts. We are what we are and don’t apologize for it, we are not for everyone. Our policy is dress & act bar-legal… if that is a problem or you want to push the limits we are not the group for you. We LIKE going to nice venues!

Dennis & Ellen our hosts, organizes the group and sets up monthly fun/no drama events, with your input. Dennis & Ellen are in charge of planning the events, contacting the venues and making sure everyone parties nice.

To maintain a professional group we all need some level of accountability. To that end our solution is simple. Our events dates will be posted on our website www.CouplesOver40.com but the location will only be given to those people paying $1 a person with a credit card on Pay-pal. That means no handles or fake names. Lacking that we cannot keep accountability of our event or guests. And if you happen to be a problem person, you simply will not get the event locations in the future.

So it’s kinda in up to you to decide if Couples Over 40 is a group for you that you want to support. If you have any questions you can contact us. If you are interested in joining us simply pull out your credit card, go to www.CouplesOver40.com and sign-up for our next event, it should be a good time. And yes you are very welcome to tell your friends about Couples Over 40 and have them sign up themselves.